Trail Rides

General Information


ALL Trail Rides Require:

1 tow hook minimum.

Seatbelts for all passengers.

4WD Low (to be used on all trails except Scenic).

Fire extinguisher and two strap recommended.

All trail rides will depart from the trail staging area. There are no sign ups or tickets for Trail Rides. Just go to the staging area and get in line for one of the trails below. Scenic, Stock and Moderate Trail Rides will be approximately 30-40 minutes in duration and will leave approximately every 30 minutes. Advanced Trail Rides will be approximately 60 minutes in duration. See below for times. A Trail Ride Leader and Gunner will be present on all trail rides. If assistance is required, the Trail Ride Recovery Team will respond to assist the disabled vehicle. The rest of the group will continue and the Gunner will stay with the disabled vehicle.

Please remember to use 4WD low to preserve the trails and respect the land of Clear Springs Ranch to aid in our continued use of this beautiful property!